XTREME Teeth Replacement Kit

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€ 32.00

Quick and Easy MAXTRAX XTREME Service Kit

The MAXTRAX XTREME TEEH REPLACEMENT KIT includes 10 anodised alloy teeth to suit MAXTRAX X Series 4WD Recovery Tracks (not compatible with MAXTRAX MKII), plus a MAXTRAX XTRACT INSERT TOOL and a soft bag to store the replacement teeth. All the teeth on the MAXTRAX X Series 4WD Recovery Tracks are the same shape and size, so you can replace any damaged tooth with any of these replacement teeth; a quick and easy task using MAXTRAX XTRACT INSERT TOOL.

Items included are:


10 x Anodised alloy replacement teeth

1 x Soft bag to store the replacement teeth


Note: This product is not compatible with MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Tracks.