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€ 170.00

You can now control your MULTI lights via this clever little wireless module which connects directly to your mobile phone. Simply wire up to 6 MULTI lights to the controller and down load the app - both IOS and Android operating systems.

This kit has 6 of the combined RGB MULTI lights which contain 3 LED chips (1 x Red,1 x green,1 x blue) which allow you to change the colour of the light emitted together with a host of other features.

The standard one colour MULTI lights can also be connected to this module without the colour changing options.

Once connected you can control the lights giving you these added features.
Control light by voice
Control light by music
Control single colour light
Set gradual colour change (RGB LEDs option only)
Set your own colour (RGB LEDs option only)
Set your own colour by camera (RGB LEDs option only)
Set time/alarm for the lights to come on/off