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€ 37.00

Shovel with glass fibre shaft with D-shaped handle and hardened blade, 70 cm length.

For sand, snow or the daily visit to the outdoor loo - a proper shovel is a must-have for any offroader. This is the proper job if you are not a great fan of the old rusty ex-MOD type with a cracking wooden shaft that gives you splinters.

The fibre glass shaft of our shovel means that it is not only lightweight and non-breaking, but also rust-free and because of its ergonomic shape topped off with a D-handle, you can work without getting exhausted too quickly. The taperd blade easily gets rid of obstacles.

For secure mounting in or outside your vehicle we recommend our rattle and rust free QuickFist tool clamps. You can buy both in a bundle at a reduced price.

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Please note:
The blades are provided with a protective varnish / transport varnish.
Quibbles or bumps on the protective varnish can NOT be recognized as a reason for complaint.