Roofrack Def 110 CargoBear

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CargoBear 2.0 system roof rack for Land Rover New Defender from 2020 onwards

CargoBear, meet the New Defender! New Defender, meet the CargoBear! Two legends are coming together for the first time: the new Land Rover Defender, arguably the most complete 4x4 off-road vehicle at present, and our tried and tested, very successful modular roof rack system CargoBear. The bear crowns every new Landy, whether it’s a 90 or a 110.

we took our time to finetune the CargoBear for every design detail, technical specification and user requirement the Defender L663 (from MY 2020) challenged us with. At its full length of 2.41 m, our rack consists of 3 crossbars, two platform elements as well as front and rear modules. The overall width of 1.20 m gives you almost 3 square meters of fully usable cargo space. The entire surface can be loaded and walked upon – a decisive advantage over many competing products.

The CargoBear is screwed into the original mounting points of the roof rails which have to be removed, of course. Another great advantage over the competition is the fact that you can configure the CargoBear rack in two heights: At 100 mm, the glass roof – if you have one –remains fully functional. If your Defender doesn’t have a glass roof or if you prefer a lower, more streamlined profile, the rack can be mounted at only 80mm above the roof.

Whether you’re choosing the high or low mount, aerodynamics was always our main concern in the CargoBear’s development. There are no legally required speed limits when driving with the rack, but we recommend a top speed of 160 km/h when empty and 130 km/h when loaded. For the overall load capacity please refer to your owner’s manual and the specific version or configuration of your vehicle. The roof rack’s weight of up to 50 kg has to be deducted from the dynamic load capacity.

The new Defender’s overall look is perfectly complimented by the matte black powder coating of both aluminum and stainless steel elements. While the V-shaped rear module accommodates the antenna and the rear view camera and guarantees full functionality, the front element is specifically designed to easily integrate an Osram VX1000-CB or other light bars.

New Defender and CargoBear – the ultimate combo for work, holiday or expedition!

Crossbars and Platform sheets: aluminum, matte black powder coating
Mounting rails: stainless steel, matte black powder coating

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