Rear Skid Plate

Rear Skid Plate

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The rear plate MUDTECH4x4
is a protection of the rear overhang of Discovery . This is a known point , which reduces the mobility in off-road in a remarkable way . We are tired of having to replace or fix the rear bumper. The rear plate has been designed to repair the portion underneath the car and partially wrap the rear bumper. This avoids tearing the bumper and allows us to have a sled that is slipping away our car without damaging vital organs.

As a first option was realized that an entire plate is completely shelters the car, but this final product involves moving the spare wheel in the other position . See Wheel Carrier

In the second analysis we are in the process of realization of a plate divided into pieces and leave the space for the spare wheel .

We recommend the combination of the plates to the coating Line – x for a definitive solution to the problem .

These solutions are designed to avoid having to replace the rear bumper with a heaviest use , which in the first place can not be approved and secondly compensates only partially to the problem.

We recommend the use of the rear plate along with the HEAVY REAR BUMPER

The plate is directly fixed to the frame, on which discharge any pressure or impact.

It was thought a drain plate to cool the exhaust, order to post the towbar and give comfortable to the fixed hitch.

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