Anitas control suspension by Mudtech4x4

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€ 550.00

The Anitas control suspension by Mudtech4x4 is an additional module that allows you to have more control over suspension, varying in negative or positive values of the car in addition to the vehicles existing height options.

The controller adjusts the suspension in 4 different positions:
Variations (Cm) Anitas Use  
Step 1 – 2 Road / Highway  
Step 2 0 No change  
Step 3 +2.5 Aesthetic / Offroad  
Step 4 +5 Offroad – continuous  
Step 5 +7.5 Offroad - occasional  

Each value can be added to the adjustment range already available thus obtaining heights which are unreachable with the factory system only and especially not bound by the current speed limits set by the manufacturer .
The maximum height reached by adding the corrections to the original system is 12.5 cm or 5 “.
The results that are obtained are:
  • The car structure  is raised to 40 cm above the ground
  • Front and rear differentials raised to 36 cm above the ground
  • Better approach and departure angles.
On Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport the controller Anitas, can be installed in the cigarette lighter while on the Discovery 3 installation can also be done in the plastic cover located behind the parking brake button (available already drilled to house the controller.
This is a non permanent installation and can be undertaken by a home mechanic, although we do recommend using an auto electrician.

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