Air vents side window

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  • Productcode: LBLH-DEF-DP

€ 95.00

Improved airflow similar to slightly opened windows without the increased risk of water ingress or theft? Plus an addition protection against various insects?

No problem with our air vents with fitted fly sheet, custom-designed for a variety of offroad vehicles and made from durable aluminium - no more rattling one-fits-all vents! For a discreet appearance these vents, which are supplied in pairs, are black powder coated.

Ideal not only for campers and dog owners, but also to avoid interior heat accumulation when parking in direct sunlight. Simple fitting: lower window, fit vent panel, raise window again, finished!

Please note: even with improved ventilation dogs mustn't be left inside a parked vehicle in highter temperatures!

Length: 505 mm

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