Air vents new Defender

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€ 95.00

“Air conditioning” in the classic Defender was regulated by crank handles and had two settings: windows up and windows down. But modern times show no mercy and such anachronisms are getting the chop. The New Defender therefore boasts an AC with not only one but two climatized zones as a standard feature. But what if the vehicle is stationary for longer periods? While parking, camping or as a work vehicle on job sites?

Dogs, kids and fresh air fanatics will appreciate it to no end if you bring our set of ventilation panels with you in the new Landy, be it for hot summers or holiday trips down south. When your vehicle is parked for longer stretches of time, the precisely made aluminum panels fit perfectly and firmly in the window gap and make sure there’s plenty of fresh air circulating while doors are securely locked. Unexpected rain showers and opportunistic thieves are kept out and kids or dogs are not suffering from a potentially dangerous heat trap. Even insects will stay outside due to mosquito netting on the inside of the panel.

The black powder-coated panels perfectly match the style of the New Defender and are sold as pairs.

Please note: In excessive heat, you should never leave your dog for longer stretches of time in a parked car, even if there is sufficient ventilation.

Length: 550 mm. Suitable for Defender from year of construction 2020.