17" Racer Black

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€ 310.00

Our Racer wheels
were built on specific requests. We know that the weight of our cars is important and that the wheels are the only means of attack on the road, both on and off road. To the extent 8×17 “are ready in stock, just decide on the color: white, black, anthracite!

For the weight of the car, we found some racing wheels that have a tensile strength of 1,500_kg, which means more than 500 kg above specifications Land Rover.

We currently have available the circles to the extent 8×17 “which can be mounted on Discovery 3 and RRS MY 2005 without the need for any modification. For Discovery 4 and RRS MY 2010 calls for a modification to the front brakes. 

We are now producing also specific rims 8,5″x 18″ that can also be installed on Discovery 4 and RRS MY 2010 without any changes to the brakes.